June 6 - 9, 2024Signia by HiltonAtlanta, GA

Dear Dance Friends,

We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to glamorous  Prestige Dancesport 2024, an opulant celebration of elegance of ballroom dance. This year's event promises to be an extraordinary experience, taking place from June 6-9, 2024, at the brand new and luxurious Hilton Signia Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.

Prestige Dancesport is set to redefine the standards of ballroom dance competitions in it's attention to details, service to it's clients and all around warm and friendly  athmosphere. As we invite you to join us in this unique and glamorous affair, we promise an unforgettable celebration of dance, passion, and the joy that comes from expressing oneself through the art of dance.

Join us at Prestige Dancesport 2024 for a weekend filled with elegance, inspiration, and the magic of ballroom dance. Your presence will undoubtedly contribute to the grandeur of this event.

With all our Love,
Andre & Natalie
Your hosts and organizers

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Join us and Dress Up for one of the Most iconic nights of the Event! Best Dressed Motown themed Night Club is June 7! Let's get this Party Started!
Check out our new venue! Signia by Hilton, Atlanta, GA

join in the opulence!